As a specialist provider of tailored solutions we understand the need to provide a full service including all aspects of project development to ensure a timely delivery within budget which meets the requirements of the customer.

At GLSI we have an experienced team who are proficient in the following areas. This necessary skill set  allows us to be a Government supplier delivering successful global projects. 


Our ability to develop innovative solutions enables us to be at the forefront of technological advances in security industry. Offering customisation for our customers is paramount to our business.


Providing quality equipment is vital to the success of any law enforcement unit developing capability improvement. 


GLSI provide a tailored service which allows the customer to get the best solution for their purpose. 

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Our logistics team operates with specialist security partners with a network which spans the globe. We can distribute equipment anywhere in the world. 


Project support is vital to maintaining a constant focus on the project brief. At GLSI we have superior communication channels which allow us to support the project, staff and customer needs.


Our project led approach allows to run multiple equipment provision projects at any one time. Using a project methodology controls time, cost and output.

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